The Journey of One Million Mentors Mandate started as a marketplace calling in 2017  to raise  One Million Mentors  as marketplace leaders by 2027. Since then we have been able launch in Kenya, and connect to Ghana, Uganda, Malasyia, India, Singapore, Philippines, Bahamas, in the same year and in 2018 February 10thwe launched in  Maryland,USA. We also have member-presence in seven other countries around the world with an expanding ever network.


Creating business referral platforms that mentors, networksand educatesour members chapters in a more organized and professional way to help them grow their businesses.

We help businesses succeed by, enhancing their business skills, and expanding business knowledgethrough our business referral network platforms.

OMMbusiness referral platformshope to make a difference in our members’ lives and businesses. We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and professionals achieve their dreams. OMM Christian business network chapters are  made up of local business owners and professionals across the country and international.  Members in our group work to refer clients and business to one another, and support each other’s businesses through our  regular group meetings, communications and tools. We cooperatively help each other to grow our businesses and generate business through referrals.

We help improve our ongoing marketing and networking efforts by networking, mentorship, and educating  our members in an organized and  professional way.
One Million Mentors  Mandate business referral platforms  helps local business groupsget their  marketing and referral networking up to speed and then stay on track. Our business networking platforms allows one professional from any field  into our groups that helps members connect clients with ease  in a more relaxed way!

Our members includebusiness owners, entrepreneurs, company directors, consultants, senior management and Christian marketing professionals.